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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

SPORTS – The need of the nation. The importance of sports was said by Swamy Vivekananda more than 100 yrs back that “U will be nearer to heaven through playing football rather than studying gita”. Sports are not only for fun, but also enhances discipline, determination, team work, physical fitness and mental health. Sports play huge role in building nation, and injuries are part and parcel of athletes life, which can be prevented. In general, rehabilitation aims at protecting the injury, promote slow controlled movements and get back activities of daily living. But sports rehabilitation emphasizes on five key areas – prevention, recognition and evaluation, management treatment and reconditioning to previous level. At gaman rehabilitation centre, the rehabilitation aims at multidisciplinary approach for enhancing the performance of a player. Sports persons have to maintain highest level of fitness for best possible results, not only for themselves, but also for the countries they represent. Some of the injuries may affect performance and sometimes they may prematurely end their professional career. At gaman rehabilitation centre, we understand the cause and management of sports injuries, will certainly help to minimise the risk of injuries and prolong their successful career.

why choose us

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Multidisciplinary Care

Comprehensive multidisciplinary care to address all parts of Rehabilitation process.

15+ Years of Expertise

Our team has 15+ Years of Experience in rehabilitation and global exposure having worked at Premier Global Institutions.

Affordable costs

It is our mission & vision to provide affordable and quality rehabilitation care for all. Care rather than profiteering is imbibed in the values of Gaman.


  • M. Ravikanth Singh

    Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Alla Jabbar Kadhim

    Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Suresh Kumar

    Spinal Injury Rehabilitation

  • Venkateshwarulu

    Head Injury Rehabilitation

  • Maqdoom Hussain

    Geriatric Rehabilitation

  • Putul Roy

    Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Suvarna

    Subdural Hemorrhage

  • Sirisha Bala


  • Mahmood

    Head Injury Rehabilitation