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Speech Therapy

Normal Speech And Communication

Like any other function, brain controls human speech and communication. For example what happens when a person X and person Y answers. The sequence of brain processing is such that the person Y hears the voice, creates meaning from speech sounds, match the stored information with the heard words, makes mental image for reply in brain, puts response into words, activate speech and voice muscles, then finally hears the answer while judging what Y thought of saying.

Brain Disorders And Speech

one or the other part of the speech may be affected in people recovering from brain damage which is very frustrating to the patient. The common speech disorders we encounter are aphasia – where comprehension or expression or both may be affected. Dysarthria – here the gets affected with articulation of the words. Apraxia – patient will have difficulty in performing motor tasks for example combing hair, dressing skills even though motor and sensory aspects are normal, production of voice is difficult in patients with tracheostomy.

Treatment Recommendations

Gaman physio care is admitted with patients with neurological conditions affected with speech and communication problems. Our speech therapist is efficient enough in identifying the precise problem of the patient through the in-depth assessment, designs appropriate recommendations tailored to each individual’s work, social and home environments.