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Rehabilitation Nursing Care

The loop of rehabilitation doesn’t complete without the role of rehabilitation nurse. In rehabilitation centre patients get admitted for physical disabilities, therefore takes time to recover for independent life. During this period, patients will be bedridden and vulnerable to any or more bed rest and post medical or surgical complications like pressure sores, urinary tract infections, aspiration pneumonia, constipation, reduced cardiorespiratory efficiency, muscle weakness, contractures etc.

In order to prevent or manage the bed rest or post op complications, the support of rehabilitation nurse is very much essential. To elaborate, the rehab nurse checks the pressure areas, position them in pressure free area on regular intervals and keeps the skin dry to prevent pressure sores. For those who are on tracheostomy, our rehab nurse provides trach care, maintain oral hygiene, does suctioning to clear chest secretions. Checks the vital signs i.e..Temperature, Heart rate, Blood pressure,O2 saturation, Respiratory rate to monitor the health status of the patient. Administers either Ryles tube or PEG tube feeding every 2 hourly as prescribed by the diet and nutritionist and follows the instructions for any change of plan. Urine analysis is another major responsibility of a rehabilitation nurse, informs physician if any change in urinary output, colour and appearance. Administers medications either through IV lines or orally as prescribed by doctor. Performs regular dressings to surgical wounds and does other procedures such as urinary catheterization, ryle’s tube insertion. Coordinates with physician, therapists, family members, lab technicians for investigations and reports as ordered