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Psychological Status

When suffers a brain injury either due to stroke, trauma or any other illness their’s psychological status gets affected with confusion, chaotic, disordered resulting in variety of unexpected and bizarre situations. Unfortunately people surrounding patients are also negatively affected with the trauma. Understanding the psychological status of the patient after injury, motivating and encouraging them to participate in the ongoing rehabilitation process to recover quickly is very much essential. This gap can be filled by psychologist.

Cognitive Problems And Emotional Disturbances

Commonly patients with brain injury present with cognitive problems like reduced attention span where the patient has difficulty in focusing on verbal commands of the therapist. Often long term and short term memory may be affected where patient may have difficulty in immediate registration and recall of the taught exercises. Problem solving abilities may also get impaired, judgement abilities and so on. More importantly patients get proned to negative symptoms of anxiety, depression, irritability, impulsivity. These symptoms are needed to be attended immediately for successful outcome of the rehabilitation for which patient and family cooperation is needed.

New Challenging Journey

Our neuropsychologist helps in identifying the psychological state of the patient, guides him road to recovery towards this unimagined and challenging journey. The cognitive exercises used were to stress on individual’s strength and compensate the existing deficits. The aim is to address patient’s ability and build accordingly.


Associated caring members will also be adversely affected due to emotional trauma resulting in confusion, disturbed emotions, anger, frustration. The patient and family members get isolated from social happenings where they try to face their own struggle. Counseling will be done to the family members and friends to get involved in social activities part from regular schedule rehabilitation to come out of trauma.