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Multispeciality Services:

Freedom of movement plays vital role in one”s life. Movement difficulties are common while recovering from any medical illness. Here is the role of physiotherapist comes. Physiotherapy at gaman physio care will help people of various mobility disorders of all age groups either due to pain or paralysis. Gaman physio care offers multispeciality physiotherapy services which includes musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiorespiratory, sports, paediatrics, women”s health, geriatric conditions.

Thorough Assessment & Expertise:

Under the expertise of Dr. Nanda kishore, chief consultant physiotherapist, patients benefit from thorough evaluation of their specific problem, goal setting towards restoring their near normal function, planning individualised tailor made exercise programme, implementation of evidence based practise and of all early functional outcome.

Team Approach:

Our team of physios are very passionate, meticulous, skillful, precise, informative, educative, decent, empathetic while administering treatment techniques to patients. Gaman team comprises of therapists with varied areas of interest and experience and patients are handled accordingly.

Advanced Treatment:

Team gaman is trained enough in handling simple electro and exercise therapy equipment to advanced tools and equipment those are used world wide such as suspension gait trainer, functional electrical stimulation, world class tools such as helping hand products. Our team has mastered art of handling patients gently while administering treatment techniques of therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, taping techniques, soft tissue mobilisation’s, joint mobilisation techniques, neuro developmental training, pnf techniques, chest physiotherapy.

Common Conditions:

The most common orthopaedic conditions handled are post op tkr, thr, fractures to manage pain, improve functionality and quality of life. In Neurosciences, Post op craniotomies due to head injury, stroke while on tracheostomy, ryles tube, urinary catheter, with stable medical condition are admitted without hesitation to improve motor control and enable them for independent activities of daily living. Spinal cord injuries are another area where gaman team has proficiency in setting goals based on ASIA score and determine functional recovery and train accordingly. Gaman team has crossed one more milestone in treating many young athletes, while educating them for prevention of sports injuries, treat injuries if any, reduce pain, improve muscle strength, power, proprioception, balance, agility and get ready for competitive sports as early as possible. Team gaman are also working other neglected fields such as geriatric population in fall prevention programmes, paediatrics in habilitation of early intervention, CP, women”s health in rehabilitation of prenatal, postnatal, breast cancer rehabilitation etc.
Ultimately goals of team gaman are geared towards restoring prior levels of function while stressing on patient”s maximum potential.