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Orthotist & Prosthetist

Orthotist and prosthetist is the health care professional who works on advising orthoses and prostheses. orthoses is an external device commonly called as splint or brace fitted to the part of the body for different benefits. For example if we consider knee pain, the causative causes will be different in different patients. May be due to degenerative osteoarthritis, ligament sprains, muscle strains, patellar instability. Obviously the designs of braces vary according to the problem. Orthotist at gaman decides the proper brace on the root cause of the pain whether to provide stability, maintain range of motion, biomechanical alignment, which helps the patient achieve functional independence. Gaman uses wide range orthotics right from local companies to world’s best. – flamingo, ossur, trulife and trained enough to handle them.

Prosthesis is the artificial device attached to missed part. Those who get amputated, the most advanced prosthetics can be advised, trained and improve to meet the specific needs of the patient right from daily activities to high end activities such as running, climbing, Dancing, any other with high functional demands.