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Diet & Nutrition


Malnutrition is most commonly seen in people who are hospitalized for some illness either due to reduced appetite or disturbed food absorption of the gut. At the time of admission and by the time patient get’s discharged, the investigators found that, there will be significant deterioration of the nutritional status. The results of this will be delayed wound healing, impaired respiratory and immune function, muscle weakness, depression, increased frequency and duration of hospitalization.

Calories Intake And Spent

Especially those who get admitted in rehabilitation centre for enabling them to participate in exercise therapy sessions, they need to be energetic, to meet the demands of spending calories while exercising and recover quickly.

Tube Feeding

Some of the patients who cannot take food orally and on ryles or PEG tube feeding, these patients need timely feeding, types of fluids, fluid consistency, quantity are to be measured accurately. This will be decided by our diet and nutritionist.

Sports Nutrition

On the other hand for elite athletes, sports nutrition will be exclusive to build up energy levels and maintain fitness. They may need extra supplements. Obviously this sports nutrition protocol will be designed by our specialist. At gaman, nursing and medical staff will be acknowledged on the nutritional advise of any particular patient as prescribed by our diet and nutritionist.