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Geriatric Rehabilitation

Ageing is an inevitable process. Caring for our loved parents or grand parents once who cared for us is of highest honour. Caring for geriatric or elderly population is like caring our children again, who once does activities effortlessly, now needing the support. Ageing refers to decline in function of multiple organ systems. Age and disease are closely associated phenomenon. Consequently older people have progressive and predictable changes in functions of bodily systems. Understanding these changes along with disease process is valuable in improving the patient care and invaluable while seeking to ensure safe care. Geriatric rehabilitation at gaman, is all about medical care of the people in whom, the parameters of typical organ function, likely to be different as compared to those generally seen in the young,and compensate for the disturbances reduced. Predicting the challenges ahead for the care of a patient and guiding the interventions for fall reduction, holistic medical care, timely provision of medications, maximum achievable physical independence are the key aspects of gaman geriatric rehabilitation programme. Finally ensuring homely atmosphere for happy and healthy ageing.

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Multidisciplinary Care

Comprehensive multidisciplinary care to address all parts of Rehabilitation process.

15+ Years of Expertise

Our team has 15+ Years of Experience in rehabilitation and global exposure having worked at Premier Global Institutions.

Affordable costs

It is our mission & vision to provide affordable and quality rehabilitation care for all. Care rather than profiteering is imbibed in the values of Gaman.


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